WADA publishes 2015 Annual Report

The Annual Report provides a snapshot of WADA’s key 2015 activities and accomplishments in leading the collaborative worldwide campaign in support of the clean athlete.  WADA delivered these on a  budget of approximately USD 27.5 million, which is based on contributions from the public sector that, in turn, are matched by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


Among other 2015 activities and accomplishments, the Report highlights:

  • Introduction of the enhanced World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards – resulting in approximately 850 Anti-Doping Rule Violations and more than 30 athletes sanctioned through the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP)
  • Creation of the internal Compliance Task Force and the external, independent, Compliance Review Committee
  • Establishment and conclusion of the USD 1.5 million Independent Commission into doping in international athletics
  • Five new ratifications of the UNESCO International Convention against Doping in Sport
  • Introduction of the Annual Anti-Doping Rule Violations Report as a complement to the Annual Testing Figures Report
  • 28 Scientific Research Grant proposals selected totalling budget allocation of USD 3.5 million
  • Three Social Science Research Grant proposals selected totalling budget allocation of USD 206,326
  • Four Independent Observer missions at international events
  • Four Athlete Outreach programs at multi-sport events

REPORT : https://www.wada-ama.org/en/resources/finance/annual-report


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