Why did FINA suspend Sri Lanka National Federation ?

FINA, the international swimming federation had suspended the newly elected committee of the Sri Lanka Aquatic Sports Union (SLASU) and retained its links to aquatic activities in Sri Lanka through the existing office bearers prior to the conduct of elections.SLASU is the Sri Lankan affiliate national federation of FINA since 1977.

According to the General Secretary of the sports union, SLASU following a FINA directive has postponed the conduct of the Annual General Meeting and elections scheduled for 15th May 2015 informing the Minister, its membership, nominees and delegates. But a section of its member clubs conducted the elections to the acceptance of an observer of the Department of Sports Development.

In response, FINA  suspended the Sri Lanka Aquatic Sports Union from June 17, 2015 with the following consequences:

1. No voting right at the FINA General Assembly (Ordinary and Extraordinary);
2. Participation of the athletes under FINA Flag, FINA Code for Accreditation and FINA Hymn (in case of victory) during the FINA Championships/Events;
3. FINA recognises the former board of directors, as the interim Executive Committee, until new elections are conducted according to the principle of Autonomy;
4. The suspension shall be respected by all FINA members.

Source : http://lankaherald.com/2015/06/23/fina-suspends-newly-elected-aquatic-committee-of-sri-lanka/


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